Our Focus


           Family Law


The most consistent thing about family needs is that they change!  Setting new boundaries to maintain that practical, predictable lifestyle becomes an all-important way of adjusting to your new reality.  When setting new boundaries requires the assistance of a lawyer, give The Truitt law Firm a call.  We begin protecting your rights the moment you retain us. 


Wills and Powers of Attorney

Wills are no longer a tool for the wealthy; it is the instrument of the responsible.  The legal costs associated with creating a will, power of attorney and healthcare power of attorney pales in comparison to the difficulty and costs that arise from not having one.  If you fail to make certain decisions regarding the care of your young children or your financial affairs, the court will make these decisions for you.  At The Truitt Law Firm, we take estate planning seriously.  We offer up-front pricing on our most common services. Let us help. 

Business / Transactional


Starting and owning a business can be a challenge for most people.  Managing the process, the people, and the paperwork can be difficult.  The time and money spent trying to navigate the system can be frustrating and expensive.  Let The Truitt Law Firm help.  We offer up-front pricing on our most common services and we are committed to the growth and development of your business.  


       Probate Services

It is always an extremely difficult time when a friend or loved one passes away, whether it is expected—or not. The emotional challenges, coupled with the recent loss, can make it difficult when trying to settle their affairs. You may find that their estate may be subject to the probate process. That process, called estate administration, is a highly personal and often emotional procedure that can be tedious, time consuming, and costly. We have extensive experience with probate administration and working with grieving families to complete the process.  Let us help make this process less stressful.