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Good Business, Good Ethics

By: Attorney Shira Truitt

Ever wonder why some business just seem to have it easy? In addition to simply having things together, they usually also practice good business ethics. Business ethics are the principles and values that guide the behavior of individuals and situations or circumstances that arise in the course of doing business. Some common situations that may trigger business ethics include:

  1. Conflicts of interest: When an individual or organization has a personal or financial stake in a decision, it can create a conflict of interest. This may lead to unethical behavior, such as self-dealing or favoritism.

  2. Discrimination and harassment: Businesses have a legal and ethical obligation to provide a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees. This includes preventing discrimination and harassment based on factors such as race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.

  3. Environmental impacts: Businesses have a responsibility to consider the environmental impacts of their operations and to minimize their negative impact on the environment. This includes reducing waste and emissions, conserving resources, and protecting biodiversity.

  4. Privacy and data protection: Businesses must respect the privacy of their customers and employees and protect any personal data that they collect. This includes following relevant laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union.

  5. Transparency and accountability: Businesses should be transparent and accountable in their operations and decision-making processes. This includes disclosing relevant information, such as financial performance and potential conflicts of interest, to stakeholders.

It is important for businesses to consider the ethical implications of their actions and to take steps to prevent unethical behavior. This can help to build trust with customers, employees, and other stakeholders, as well as avoid legal and reputational risks.


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